Happy New Year!!

Hello, 2022!

So, we’re celebrating a new year, huh? Got resolutions to get healthier, become more mindful and gain peace? New year, new you? You’re so excited and ready to tackle those goals…and then you lose your motivation; you become inconsistent and fall back into those lazy habits you wanted to get away from. NOPE! Not this time! This time you WILL remain consistent and motivated because you’re tired of your own excuses and lazy habits. You fell back into those habits before because you had no support system, you didn’t believe in yourself and you didn’t know the rewards would feel so good. However, you realize now that all you need is YOU! Support YOURSELF, believe in YOURSELF and know the rewards are what YOU make them! Here are five ways to help you reach those goals:

  1. Keep a journal- write down what you’d like to accomplish daily, what obstacles you face and how you plan to get through those obstacles. Be honest with yourself!

  2. Daily affirmations- speak positive to and about yourself, as you make daily changes.

  3. Stimulate your mind- read self help books, books that challenge your current mindset and books that educate you on whatever goal you’ve set for yourself.

  4. Be kind to your soul- meditate; give yourself a few minutes to just breathe and relax!

  5. Set realistic, short term goals- one step at a time goes a long way. Do not overwhelm yourself!

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